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Mission Action Plan


St Peter’s Church, Belsize Park             

Our Mission, Values and Objectives              



The Mission Statement

We are here to live our faith in Jesus Christ through worship, by welcoming all, and by sharing the love of God with the wider community.

Our Mission Programme (Summary)

We are here to live our faith in Jesus Christ through worship…

We aim to maintain worship that is both accessible and engaging – providing renewal and nurture for Christian life. We will do this by

  • Exploring worship that is accessible, online as well as in church, while continuing with Common Worship forms.
  • Continuing the development of an active Children’s and Young Person’s Ministry
  • Continuing focus on private prayer and reflection (encouraged by the Pandemic)
  • Encouraging lay leadership in provision of appropriate services and wider lay participation in the Eucharist
  • Providing opportunities to explore faith more fully by discussion, retreat and Bible study 

We are here to live our faith in Jesus Christ by welcoming all…
We aim to live our faith through a welcoming ministry that is warm, open, informed and outgoing and seeks to embody the love and compassion of Jesus. We will do this by

  • The regular training of volunteers in welcoming ministry
  • Keeping the church open more regularly and for longer
  • Developing our online presence and use of social media
  • Ensuring the safety and beauty of the church garden and its use as a community resource
  • Keeping the community informed of church activities and opportunities

We are here to live our faith in Jesus Christ by sharing the love of God with the wider community ….

We aim to share God’s love through service to all, building stronger bonds with local organisations and celebrating the creative spirit in the Arts. We will do this by

  • Active participation in the wider church (e.g. Deanery Synod, Hampstead Churches Together)
  • Engaging with those of other faiths
  • Serving those who are in need or disadvantaged, by charitable giving and in other ways.
  • Linking more closely with local organisations, including the RCSSD and schools, the Belsize Society and businesses
  • Resuming an arts programme in the church when possible
  • Providing social events for the congregation and local community

The Operational Objectives

In order to realise our Mission Action Plan we need to improve our organisational effectiveness. Therefore we also commit to the following Operational Objectives:

I      Articulate and advocate a clear vision for St Peter’s with the Diocese, Deanery and other agencies; provide a clear leadership when the future of St Peter’s is under review.

II     Adapt to the COVID-19 Pandemic and its aftermath – managing risks, mitigating harm and using new opportunities

III    Attract and retain a larger number of regular worshippers in live and virtual services.

IV   Maintain and keep under review the church’s provision for children and young people.

V    Increase the number and involvement of active members in the life of the church.

VI   Increase the church’s income from congregational giving, using modern technology, and from other sources.

VII  Increase the flow of water and wine for worship, celebration and fellowship.

VIII  Plan and deliver a full scheme of internal improvements; carry out external repairs as required; improve the garden.

IX   Implement the MAP on a timescale agreed by the PCC.

X    Carry out an annual review of the implementation of the MAP.

Our Values

In working on our Mission Action Plan we will seek to show the following values, all derived from our Christian faith and from the legacy we have inherited at St Peter’s:

St Peter’s Church, Belsize Park
November 2020


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